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Child Custody Advice for Concerned Parents

Summer Vacation & Workers Comp: 5 Possible Factors In Your Case

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Being unable to work due to an injury does not just impact your weekly paycheck. There are many other factors that can impact your financial situation, especially during the summer. Summer plans are typically made well ahead of time and an injury that forces you out of work can dramatically change these plans. By working with workers compensation lawyers, you can explore the following five impacts and see if they can help you during the case. Summer Timeshares A work injury could also limit your travels. If you have an annual timeshare, then...

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6 Facts You Need to Know About Your Personal Injury Settlement

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When you’re injured in a car accident or on someone’s property, you may be entitled to a settlement to help pay for your injuries and any property damage. If you’ve been injured, and feel someone else is to blame, check out these six must-know facts. They’ll help you understand a bit about your personal injury settlement. You Need to Attend to Your Injury When you’re injured, it’s your responsibility to seek medical treatment and try to reduce the extent of the injury as much as possible. If you...

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Trucking Accidents: Is Anyone Paying Attention? The Answer Is Yes–And No

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Motorists are increasingly under attack in this country from huge commercial trucks, often driven by truckers too weary to adequately gauge such important driving elements as braking distances and passing speeds. In fact, the number of trucking accidents is skyrocketing, even as the trucking industry seeks federal approval for increased weight and length specifications for their trucks. Safety advocates, on the other hand, are calling for restrictions on truckers’ driving hours and safety technology on the trucks they drive. If...

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4 Things That Should Help Your Attorney Win Your DUI Case

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Being charged with a DUI is no laughing matter – because nearly 30 individuals are killed each day in vehicle accidents throughout the United States that involve intoxication, the offense is typically taken seriously by the court system. To minimize jail time and financial fines, it’s important to prove that you are committed to sober driving in the future. Here are four things you can provide your attorney that helps you do just that: Letters from References It’s helpful to provide your attorney and the court with a little...

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Compensation For Traumatic Incidents: How To Prove Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Damages

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About 60% of all men and 50% of all women will have at least one traumatic experience in their life. Simply going through a traumatic situation does not necessarily mean that you’ll suffer from a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Only about 7 to 8% of the American population will ever struggle with PTSD some time in their lives. If you are struggling with PTSD after a traumatic experience, speak with a personal injury attorney, as it can be difficult to make a claim without legal advice. To back up your claims, you will...

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What Happens If You Are Injured While Traveling For Work?

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Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident, fallen victim to a natural disaster, or suffered food poisoning from a not-quite-done plate of shellfish, being injured or made ill while on work-related travel can put a major crimp in your plans — as well as your ability to adequately perform your job duties. If you’ve been injured while traveling for work, what are your legal options? Should you file a workers compensation claim, or are you considered to be off company time? Read on to learn more about how workers...

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Taking Action To Protect Your Small Business From Libel Or Slander

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Running a successful small business is challenging enough without having to worry about your reputation among customers and the media. However, with the proliferation of online social networks and customer review websites, you could be vulnerable to libel if someone writes a negative report about your company that contains false information. If you are worried about dishonest individuals making claims about your business, the following tips can help you protect your company and mount a defense when defamatory comments threaten your bottom...

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Stuck In The Middle With You: Establishing Liability In Multi-Car Accidents

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Determining who’s liable in an accident involving only two cars tends to be fairly straightforward. However, things become considerably more complex when you’re involved in a 5-car pileup. Here are the different issues you will encounter when establishing liability in a multi-car accident and getting compensated for your losses. Type of Accident The type of accident and where you’re positioned in it can mean the difference between collecting money for medical expenses and being on the receiving end of insurance claims and...

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3 Advantages Of Using A Real Estate Attorney To Close On Your House

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Are you buying a house? If you are approaching the closing, you may want to give some serious consideration to hiring a real estate attorney. Some states require it and some do not. Even if your state does not require the use of real estate attorneys to close on a house, you still have the option of hiring one to represent you before, during, and even after the closing. If you think you can do it yourself and avoid an added closing expense, you should know that there are three very important advantages to using a real estate attorney. Knowing...

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Can You Be Liable For An Auto Accident Caused By Your Child?

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When your teenager first gets his or her driver’s license and begins making trips alone, you may be worried about an accident. Your primary concern is your teen’s safety — financial and legal considerations are far from the priority when it comes to your teen’s well-being. However, even if your teen is unharmed in an accident, you may find yourself legally responsible for any medical bills or other obligations incurred. Read on to learn more about this area of law and how you can legally protect yourself (and your...

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