4 Types Of Personal Injury You Can Sue For

Posted on: 7 December 2015

Have you received an injury due to someone else's negligent behavior, either due to their actions or because their property was not maintained in a proper order? If this is the case, you have the chance to suit under the rubric of a small claims court case called a personal injury suit. A personal injury suit aims to make a person or other entity legally liable for the expenses that you have incurred due to the injury. These expenses range from physical medical expenses, to mental health expenses, and to wages lost due to time off from work because of the injury. There are a number of reasons that you can sue for a personal injury, and you should be aware of them in case you need to pursue a personal injury case.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall personal injury cases are by far and away the most common type of personal injury case. The slip and fall case occurs when an individual slips and falls on someone's property due to the property owner being negligent about the maintenance or upkeep of the property. If a property owner has not exercised reasonable care in making sure that their property has been safety proofed under the event of such a slip and fall, then they will often times find themselves at least partially liable for the medical bills and mental anguish that a person has suffered from due to a slip and fall on their property.

Nursing Home Cases

There are also many cases where you may be able to sue for a personal injury lawsuit on someone's behalf, so long as you are either their primary caregiver or the executor of their estate. In cases where a loved one is in a nursing home and you are their executor or designated individual for making legal decisions for the individual or decisions on behalf of that person's estate, then you may be able to sue under the auspice or rubric of a personal injury lawsuit, if the person who is interned at the nursing home has suffered some sort of injury or trauma due to the negligence of willful ignorance of the staff of said home.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury lawsuits that are filed in America. Generally, in most cases, there is someone at fault during a car accident. Except in exceptional circumstances, you will find that the person who is at fault is most likely liable to go to personal injury court such that the plaintiff can reclaim medical injury bills, therapist bills, and even time lost from work. In most cases, individuals who are taken to court for such things will find that they will usually lose, as there is overwhelming evidence against their case that they were the cause of the accident, and therefore, injuries.

Dog Bites and Attack

If you are the owner of a dog that winds up biting or attacking an individual, chances are you will have to go to personal injury court in order to defend yourself. The laws for dog attacks vary from state to state, although it is generally the case that, if proven that the dog attacked someone without provocation, the owner of said dog will have to pay for the plaintiff's medical expenses and other related bills and expenses. In some cases, a case will be dropped if a dog has formally shown no signs of aggression in the past and, as such, could be indicative of the fact that the dog was provoked by the individual who was attacked by the dog.

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