• Five Things That May Constitute A Custody Evaluation

    A custody evaluation process is an independent assessment of your family setup and your child's needs to determine the custody determination would suit the child best. The custody evaluation is handled by a court-appointed custody evaluator, and it involves different things such as the following five: Interviews with the Child There are two main reasons for interviewing the child at the center of the custody battle. First, if the child is old enough, it's useful to get their opinion on the issue.
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  • 3 Legal Tips To Consider After A Severe Auto Accident

    Auto accidents are stressful for anyone to experience, especially if they resulted in severe injuries. You shouldn't be held accountable for the resulting medical bills if you were not responsible. To get through this stressful time and get the compensation you may desperately need, consider these legal tips.  Never Admit Fault  After such a traumatic experience, you may want to share relevant details about what unfolded as a form of therapy.
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