Proving Your Slip-And-Fall Injury Was Caused By Your Landlord's Negligence

Posted on: 13 April 2017

If you live in an apartment complex and you have a landlord who handles the maintenance of the grounds, you will most likely want to look into receiving compensation for a slip-and-fall injury you sustained due to their lack of care for an icy walkway or parking area. There are several steps to take after you become injured due to your landlord's neglect of maintenance. Here are some of the important things you should do to help boost your chances of having your landlord pay for any medical troubles you have sustained from the incident.

Take Photographs Of The Areas Being Neglected

As soon as you experience your fall, it is a good idea to snap photographs of the area so its condition can be documented. If possible, get photographs of your body's stance in a fallen position as well as the underlying sidewalk or parking lot surface. This will shed some light on how you fell, and your body's positioning can be used to show you did not falsify your fall. Taking pictures of areas that were treated to compare with spots that were not cared for properly will also show that your landlord was negligent in getting the surfaces treated with their tenants' safety in mind.

Retain All Documentation Showing Your Landlord's Responsibility

If you have documents that you signed when you agreed to rent a unit, there may be information included within to show the property was to be maintained by your landlord. If there is written notification within the paperwork showing you were not responsible for the upkeep of the grounds, this will important to show to your attorney. Your lawyer may be able to request log information from your landlord showing who had maintained the area in question and when work was done to remove ice.

Get Written Statements From Others Who Live In The Complex

If other tenants within your complex have also suffered from falls or mishaps where they nearly fell due to poor maintenance procedures, ask them to document their concerns to use for your case. They may be asked to come to a court room to give an explanation of what they have seen regarding the upkeep of any areas that are prone to icing. This can be helpful to prove your landlord has not taken the necessary steps in keeping those on the premises safe from a potential injury. 

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