Get Personal With Your Personal Injury Attorney: Four Things To Share

Posted on: 13 September 2017

If you have been involved in a personal injury and are looking to pursue legal action, you are probably going to want to hire a personal injury attorney. The first step in this process is to visit an attorney for a consultation. It's during this time that you need to actually get personal with your personal injury attorney. Here are four things you must share with them:

  1. Prior Illness: First thing you want to do is let your personal injury attorney know if you have had any previous injuries that can possibly be used against you in your case. You need to go over the extent of these illnesses so that your attorney can find the right evidence to support that these previous illnesses have nothing to do with what you are currently suffering from because of the injury you are wanting to receive compensation for. 
  2. You Have Medical or Medicaid: If you have medical or medicaid, you need to let your personal injury attorney know because this is going to drastically change your case. The reason being is that your injury is likely covered for completely, so you are actually trying to find compensation for pain and suffering and other issues that has come about from the situation. 
  3. Criminal Background: Why do you need to reveal whether or not you have a criminal background? Your personal injury attorney needs to prepare for this since it's probably going to be used against you. The reason being is that the situation could be misconstrued as you trying to just make easy money and nothing's actually wrong or you possibly had a role in making the accident happen. You definitely want to avoid this at all costs. 
  4. You've Declared Bankruptcy: Your personal injury attorney also needs to know whether or not you have declared bankruptcy recently or you plan to. This is because the money you receive for compensation from pain and suffering can be withheld from you due to filing for bankruptcy. In these situations, your attorney is going to want to come up with a strategic plan to ensure that when you receive compensation, you are actually able to use that money for something good. 

If you have trouble remembering all that you need to share with your attorney, it helps to write it out in points so you can go over each one in more detail once you do meet with your personal injury attorney for the first time.