How To Present Yourself When Trying To Win Custody

Posted on: 2 May 2018

When you are trying to win custody of your child, you want to make sure that you are careful about the image that you present to the lawyers and the courts. You want to show yourself as an engaged parent who is willing to demonstrate their parental fitness to the courts. Keep the following tips in mind. 

Be Willing to Work with Your Ex

One of the first things you need to do is show that you are willing to work with your ex. You need to show the courts that the two of you are willing to work together. That means acknowledging both of your work schedules and working around them. It may also include being willing to drive your child to a mutually agreed upon location for pick-ups and drop-offs or compromising over school vacation time.

The more willing you are to work with your child's other parent, the more it shows the courts that you care about your child and are putting their needs above your own needs.

Follow Through on Your Visitations

When you are going through a court custody battle, it is important to show that you value the time that you have with your child. That means showing up to every visitation that you have scheduled. It means taking advantage of all the time possible you have with your child.

During your visitation or time with your child, it is important that you not just have fun with your child, but you also engage in the responsible side of parenting as well, such as working on your child's homework with them or assigning your child age-appropriate chores.

When you have visitations, make sure that you show up on time. Being late, especially frequently and without regular communication, will reflect poorly on your parenting abilities.

Get an In-Home Custody Evaluation

Finally, request that the court perform an in-home custody evaluation. With a home evaluation, an evaluator will come to your home and look at the living conditions and ask you detailed questions about your life and your parenting abilities. In-home custody evaluations can help establish and show to the courts that you are able to provide your child with a stable home.

During your in-home custody evaluation, interact with your children like you normally would. Try to engage in interactive activities with your children that you know they enjoy, and answer any questions that the evaluator asks you in an honest manner.

When you are trying to win custody of your child, it is important that you present yourself as an engaged, active parent who is focused on allowing your child to have a nurturing relationship with both of their parents. For more tips, work with an experienced attorney from a firm like Kleveland Law