Pay Your Spouse's Bail Amount Or Seek Aid Through A Bond Agent

Posted on: 26 June 2020

Fulfilling a bail bond's requirements could be your partner's ticket to freedom, but with this benefit, you and your partner will be faced with a large responsibility. If a bond payment is not made as agreed upon or if your spouse fails to attend their court date, serious repercussions could ensue.

Be Aware Of What You And Your Spouse Are Up Against

Your partner's arrest could mean one or two nights in jail prior to being released or an unlimited amount of time behind bars, which would result in a bond amount being set and you and your partner's right to pay the amount requested in exchange for a release. Attend your spouse's bond hearing. Family support can be helpful since you will have the means to prove that your spouse has a stable environment to return to, plus can vouch that they will follow the law. Take note of any stipulations that the judge puts forth. 

For instance, if the arrest is associated with a verbal or a physical threat that was placed upon another person, the judge may state that your partner is to avoid all contact with the other party. If they fail to abide, their bail could be revoked and your spouse would return to jail. Additionally, a court date will be set and this is the most important detail to keep in mind. If you decide to help your spouse achieve a release from jail, they will need to do their part and obey the law and attend their scheduled hearing.

Pay The Bond Amount Or Retain A Bond Agent

You can either pay "out of pocket" costs in exchange for your spouse's release or you can seek help from a bondsman. A bondsman works independently and will act as a representative for your spouse. A bond agent is responsible for filling out paperwork that is necessary for your partner's release. A bond agent may work out a payment plan if you do not have the entire amount necessary for your spouse's release.

Request a plan that you can comfortably fulfill since failing to make timely payments will likely result in the bail being revoked and a law official being notified. When bail is revoked, a bounty hunter, a bail agent, or a police officer will have the right to come to your home or your spouse's place of business to pick up your partner and transport them to jail.

For more information, contact a bail bonds service.