What Is The Role Of A Divorce Mediator?

Posted on: 26 January 2021

Most people are familiar with the traditional divorce process, where both spouses hire separate attorneys. The traditional process is not the only way you can get divorced, however. Some people hire divorce mediators instead. If you are planning on a divorce, you might want to know how divorce mediation works. To understand this, you will need to learn the role of a divorce mediator. Here are the responsibilities and roles of one.

The Couple Chooses the Mediator

To begin, a divorcing couple chooses a mediator for their divorce. The person they choose does not work for the wife or husband. Instead, the mediator works for the couple together. The mediator is not there to assist with just one spouse. The mediator works with both spouses to reach an agreement on all the divorce issues. The mediator's goal is to help the couple reach mutual agreements on all the issues, so both spouses benefit.

The Mediator Creates the Schedule and Plan

Once you pick a mediator, they will create a schedule and plan. The plan might consist of two or more meetings that you must both attend. Each meeting has a purpose and specific objectives. The mediator will discuss the divorce with both of you present before creating this schedule. You must both attend each meeting for the divorce, and you must come with an open mind and readiness to settle the issues at hand.

The Mediator Controls the Discussions and Aims for Agreements

During the meetings, the mediator controls the discussions. The mediator begins by bringing up the first issue. Each spouse will have an equal amount of time to state their views and thoughts. The mediator then works to reach a mutual agreement on the issue. Once you reach a decision, the mediator moves on to the next issue.

The Mediator Creates the Final Agreement

When you settle every issue of the divorce, the mediator will create the final divorce agreement. Before you sign it, both parties should read it over carefully to ensure that it contains everything and that it is correct. If it is correct, you can sign it. The mediator can send it to a judge to sign, and you might not have to go to court to get your divorce finalized.

A divorce mediator helps a couple manage their own divorce. If you are interested in this method, talk to your spouse about it and find a local divorce mediator.