Scenarios Where A Lawyer Can Help You With Your Landlord Problem

Posted on: 28 March 2021

If a landlord-tenant relationship ends badly and ends up in court, you might think it's the landlord suing the tenant over property damage or unpaid rent. But there are a variety of different reasons why a tenant might actually need to contact a landlord-tenant lawyer over a dispute with their landlord. Laws vary by state, but your landlord absolutely does have to hold up his or her end of the bargain in a variety of different ways, and he or she can't just force you out of your home without a good reason. Here are just some of the different scenarios where you might consider hiring some legal help.

Threatened With Eviction Without Due Process

If you are behind in your rent, your landlord will have the ability to evict you after a certain point, with the exact time frame dependent on the laws in your specific state. But the landlord can't just roll up with a moving truck and immediately throw you out. There is a legal process here that usually involves the landlord posting an eviction notice and notifying a local court. If your landlord simply tells you that they want you to move out but has not taken the necessary legal steps to do it properly, you can hire your own attorney and push back.

Building in Disrepair After Repeatedly Telling Landlord

While you are indeed expected to pay rent on time every month, you are giving that money to the landlord with the expectation that your building and individual apartment will remain in solid condition. Are there multiple things wrong with your apartment or the building that the landlord needs to take care of but has not? If the building is falling into disrepair, you might even have the legal right to withhold your rent until the problem is taken care of. You probably don't want to go down this path, however, without a lawyer to back you up.

Landlord is Discriminating Based on Race or Other Reasons

Has a landlord refused to rent to you and you believe it might have something to do with the color of your skin? Are you being hit with an increase in rent that others in the building are not? If you can't rent an apartment or are being driven out and you believe it's because of discrimination, a good attorney can help hold your landlord accountable and help you secure a place for yourself.