How To Make Your Divorce More Private

Posted on: 26 July 2022

Court proceedings are public and anyone can have access to them. Therefore, defending your privacy can be difficult in some cases. However, there are some ways in which you can make your divorce proceedings much more private. It's important to discuss with a divorce lawyer what your options are.

Having Your Divorce Records Sealed

One way to ensure that your divorce is private is to file divorce records under seal. The judge will be allowed to decide whether they want the divorce records to remain private. This is something that doesn't happen automatically and you will need to request it to maintain your privacy. The only exception is that some information involving your children will automatically be private.

A judge may be willing to allow court records to be sealed if not sealing these records would lead to sensitive personal information being exposed. These records might be sealed if it's necessary to do so to protect propriety business information. You might also need to have records sealed so a false allegation is not exposed that could damage your reputation. A divorce lawyer will help you make a strong case for why your records should be sealed.

Keeping the Details of Your Divorce Off Social Media

While you might be able to seal your court records under some circumstances, it's important to make sure to not discuss the details of your case on social media. You might be surprised at who might be able to access your posts. If you aren't sure about whether any social media posts would be incriminating or not, make sure to bring this up with your lawyer. However, it is generally a bad idea to talk about your divorce in a public forum.

Filing a No-Contest Divorce

If you file for a no-contest divorce, you might be able to minimize the information that is exposed to the public and you might be able to avoid an expensive legal battle. However, you will need to make sure that your ex is willing to file a no-contest divorce.

Using Divorce Mediation Services

It's possible to solve disputes by turning to a third-party mediation service. With this type of service, the proceedings are private and a mediator will assist you in your divorce. You will not have to enter a courtroom and you may be able to have the process carried out online. You'll also be allowed to bring a divorce lawyer to help.