Why You Might Need A Special Education Lawyer

Posted on: 23 August 2022

If you have a child with special needs and they are in the public school system, you will need to work with the staff there in order to come up with a specialized educational plan for them. However, things do not always go according to plan and you might need to have a lawyer step in to help you. Remember, you are your child's main advocate. They need you to help make sure that they are getting their needs met while also getting a proper education based on their learning level and personal abilities. Is it time to call in a special education lawyer? Read through the following to find out:

The IEP Meetings Never Result In An Agreement

If you attend the IEP meetings and you and the school cannot seem to reach an agreement, it is time to speak with a special education lawyer. They will first examine the IEP suggestions put forth by the school to determine whether or not they are reasonable. Then they will ask what it is that you would like to see changed with the plan. If your requests are reasonable, they can get in touch with the school to schedule another IEP meeting that they can attend with you.

The School Is Not Complying With Or Enforcing The IEP

The IEP stands for individualized educational plan, and it is something that every educator in the district must follow for your child. If you have a suitable IEP in place, but there is a teacher that is refusing to follow that plan, it is time to take immediate action. The school can be held accountable for not following the IEP and your special education lawyer can help remind them of that and ensure that the plan will be followed from that point on. If it's needed, they can file a complaint against the school on your behalf.

As you can see, there are going to be certain times in which you need to retain the services of a special education lawyer. You can always try to work with the school on your own at first in case the meetings do go well. However, if you try and you are not getting the results you want and your child is not getting the help that they need, it is time to seek legal advice. Do this not only for your child, but for others that will go through the school system after them. You taking action with the help of a special education lawyer might just ensure that the school does better for the next special needs child they have come through their district.