4 Situations When A Landlord May Need A Legal Document Drafting Service

Posted on: 8 February 2023

Do you have properties that you rent to tenants? If so, you may need a legal writing service on occasion. Take a look at a few situations when a landlord can use the help of a legal document drafting service.  

You Require Tenants to Be Screened  

Screening tenants is an important part of the process when renting vacant properties. However, landlords and property owners do have to be careful when vetting new tenants so they do not inadvertently commit acts of discrimination or somehow overlook individual rights. If you intend to perform things like background checks, credit history checks, or even drug screenings, it is important to have legal documents drafted that clearly convey what type of screening you will perform and why. 

You Require a Lease Agreement for Property Rentals 

The lease agreement between a property owner and tenant is one of the most important, legally-binding documents to acquire as a landlord. However, it is always best to trust lease creation to a legal writing service. The professionals can make sure the lease has all the necessary parts, legal bases are covered, and all elements of the lease will stand as fair documentation in court. 

You and Your Tenant Need to Make an Amendment to an Existing Lease 

If you already have a lease agreement in place between you and your tenant, making amendments to that lease should be done in a legal manner. Typically, the original lease agreement will be what a judge would refer to in the event you ever had to take the tenant to court. Amendments made "post facto" (after the fact) may not stand in court unless the amendments are properly worded and notarized by the involved entities. For example, if your original lease does not make the tenant responsible for utility payments but you amend that agreement later, you may face issues. Recouping costs for unpaid utility payments if the amendment was not drafted by a legal document drafting service may not be possible. 

You Need to Send a Formal Notice to a Tenant 

Whether you need to alert a tenant that you will be doing a property inspection in advance or need to notify the tenant of upcoming repairs, it can be better to trust legal writing services to draft the notice. The terminology used in these notices must be well thought out and follow the guidelines set forth by local governing agencies. For example, if you intend to enter the rental property for an inspection, some local jurisdictions require that you notify the tenant of the exact time, date, and what will be inspected during the visit.