Hiring An Experienced Attorney Who Practices Pedestrian Accident Law

Posted on: 27 June 2023

When you cross the street or walk on a sidewalk along a busy roadway, you have the expectation of motorists not crashing into you. However, motorists may fail to abide by state and local laws and cause a serious accident that leaves you injured.

When a motorist crashes into you as you cross the street or walk on a sidewalk, you have legal rights you are entitled to as an accident victim. You can make use of those rights and seek the compensation you are entitled to when you hire an attorney who practices pedestrian accident law.

Determining Your Eligibility

When you retain an attorney in pedestrian accident law, you can get the legal help you need to find out how much compensation you are entitled to. The laws where you live may place a specific value on your pain, suffering, and injuries. You may want to find out what the full value of your damages is and how much you can ask for if you file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the motorist or motorist's insurer.

After determining your eligibility and the amount of compensation you are legally entitled to, your pedestrian accident law attorney can file an insurance claim on your behalf. Your attorney can also file a lawsuit asking for that amount of money if the insurer fails to pay out the claim or the motorist is not insured at all.

Pursuing a Settlement

Further, a pedestrian accident law attorney can work out a settlement if you want to finalize your case as quickly and quietly as possible. You may lack the stamina and patience to pursue a case in court. You would rather avoid having to wait for months or a year or longer for your case to go before a judge or jury and be decided.

Your attorney in pedestrian accident law can push for a settlement that fairly covers your punitive damages and accident expenses. You can get the sum of money that is as close to or the exact sum you would have gotten in a lawsuit judgment or insurance claim. You can then focus on healing from your injuries and rebuilding your life.

An attorney who practices in pedestrian accident law can provide vital legal services for you. This lawyer can determine how much money you are entitled to as an accident victim. He or she can then file an insurance claim or lawsuit or pursue a settlement to close the case faster for you.

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